Everything you need to know about red ink laser tattoo removal  - LightSense™


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How does laser tattoo removal work? - LightSense™

Introduction to concepts in laser tattoo removal: fluence The best method for removing a tattoo depends on the unique characteristics of the ink and design. Some tattoos use coloured inks that can be tough to remove, and some are made up of extremely dense ink. For these cases a sophisticated laser will be required for […]

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Can a tattoo be removed permanently by laser? - LightSense™

Permanent tattoo removal in four simple steps It is entirely possible to permanently remove a tattoo with the LightSense™ laser system.  There are a number of factors that determine how effective the process of tattoo removal will be. In this blog we look at each of them in turn. This is how the process of […]

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What is the most effective tattoo removal treatment? - LightSense™

Laser tattoo removal can be one of the most effective ways to clear an unwanted tattoo. The technology works with the body’s natural immune system to kickstart a response to the foreign ink pigment that continues over the weeks following a pico laser removal treatment.  In this blog post we will look at exactly what […]

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What is a Pico Laser? - LightSense™

New technology has greatly advanced dermatological treatments, from laser tattoo removal to the treatment of microblading and PMU. Gone are the days of dermabrasion and salabrasion, both primitive techniques for tattoo removal. We are now able to safely and effectively remove tattoos with the utmost precision.  Over the past few decades in particular laser tattoo […]

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What is Pico Laser Treatment & What's It For? - LightSense™

Pico lasers have many useful applications, foremost of which being for laser tattoo removal. Pico laser tattoo removal simply refers to any treatment that uses laser technology with a pulse width measured in picoseconds.  The LightSense™ laser system is a type of picosecond laser, one with an incredibly short pulse width.  A picosecond is one […]

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Is a Picosecond Laser Better for Tattoo Removal? - LightSense™

Why is a picosecond laser advantageous for laser tattoo removal? We look at the science behind picosecond lasers  In the world of laser tattoo removal, broadly speaking, lasers are divided into the nanosecond and picosecond categories. These terms refer to measurements of time, specifically, the duration or pulse width of the laser. That is, how […]

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The History of Laser Tattoo Removal Technology - LightSense™

The best lasers for tattoo removal plotted on a timeline It’s a long way to LightSense™ After existing for a full 60 years, lasers have only just been properly harnessed for their potential to safely and effectively remove tattoos.  It’s taken a long time to fine-tune the science that underpins laser tattoo removal so that […]

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What is the Strongest Laser for Tattoo Removal?

One of the most common questions about technology for laser tattoo removal relates to its strength.  Which is understandable, when someone chooses to remove a tattoo with a laser, they have likely decided that they are ready for a completely fresh start as soon as possible. So they seek out the technology that they think […]

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What is Picosecond Laser Tattoo Removal? - LightSense™

Laser tattoo removal in picoseconds There are different types of machines for laser tattoo removal, all of which sit on a timeline pointing towards the current fastest lasers in terms of pulse duration measured in picoseconds.  The LightSense™ laser system is at the forefront of this technology.  In order to explain why pulse duration matters […]

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