What is the Strongest Laser for Tattoo Removal?

One of the most common questions about technology for laser tattoo removal relates to its strength. 

Which is understandable, when someone chooses to remove a tattoo with a laser they have likely decided that they are ready for a completely fresh start as soon as possible. So they seek out the technology that they think will best get the job done, hopefully guaranteeing them the best results.  

Following years of development the LightSense™ laser system has changed the removal game for good, and necessitates us thinking about the whole process of laser tattoo removal in quite different terms. 

In this blog we will examine the above question and explain why it is not the right way to think about machines for laser tattoo removal.

There are more important qualities to pay attention to when choosing the best laser for tattoo removal in 2023. 

What is the strongest tattoo removal laser?

The strongest tattoo removal laser doesn’t exist, or at least, it’s not a metric worth discussing here. The characteristics we should talk about instead are safety and effectiveness: the cornerstones of any experience with laser tattoo removal.  

The LightSense laser for tattoo removal
The LightSense™ laser system takes just eight picoseconds

What makes the LightSense™ laser system unique?

There are a number of reasons why the strongest laser for tattoo removal is not necessarily the one you want to use on your delicate skin. It might be ineffective, painful, and even unsafe.

This is exactly why the LightSense™ laser system has been specially developed by our experts to work on ultra-low energy, with an extremely precise beam.  

We want to dispel the misconception that in the world of laser tattoo removal stronger is better. A precise, low-energy beam may provide far more effective results than anything else on the market when used by expert consultants. It simply means that there is much less risk of damage to the skin during the process.

A fire hose is stronger than one you’d typically find in the garden, but we know which one we’d prefer to use to clean an expensive, brand-new road bike for instance. The same principle extends to a client’s skin when they are experiencing laser tattoo removal. 

Using low energy, the LightSense™ laser system has been developed to be as pain-free and skin-kind as possible, while offering tattoo removals in as short a time as possible.

In this blog we look at the exceptional qualities of the LightSense™ laser system:

  • LightSense™ delivers fast and effective results on ultra-low energy
  • The precise beam gives superb clearance results
  • Strongest doesn’t equate to fastest when it comes to laser tattoo removal
The LightSense laser for tattoo removal
Compared to the average Pico laser the LightSense™ laser system has 34 times less energy.*

LightSense™ delivers fast and effective results on ultra-low energy

Let’s return to our garden hose metaphor. When you are watering flowers in the garden it is likely that you want to be delicate and keep the petals on, but when trying to remove dirt from a muddy bicycle you might cover some of the nozzle with your fingers to make the stream more powerful and better remove the encrusted dirt.

This is the concept of fluence, or in other words, energy delivered per area. It is typically measured in joules per square centimetre (J/cm2) and in our case, denotes how concentrated the laser beam is. 

Alter one of the two measurements in this relationship and the other is impacted.

Because the LightSense™ laser system uses an extremely precise beam (coming in at a pinpoint 0.4mm), the machine operates on ultra-low energy. The energy of the beam is concentrated into a smaller, more precise area.

How much energy does the LightSense™ laser system use?

Compared to the average Pico laser the LightSense™ laser system has 34 times less energy.*

That greatly improves the skin’s recovery rate, meaning that treatments can happen every 3-4 weeks, as opposed to waiting months between them.

The precise beam gives superbly accurate results

The LightSense™ laser system is 11 times more precise than the average Pico laser.*

At 0.4mm the spot size is smaller than the nib of a pen and more than capable of accurately and safely removing a tattoo. This ultra-precise beam is how we achieved superb fluence (as aforementioned).

Expert consultants accurately target just the tattoo ink with the laser, avoiding any of the surrounding skin and keeping it safe.

Older, higher energy technologies risked blistering or burning the area of skin immediately surrounding the tattoo.

When it comes to laser tattoo removal strong doesn’t equal fast and effective

Working on ultra-low energy means that experts treat a tattoo every 3-4 weeks, instead of waiting months between treatments to safely work on a tattoo, as is the case with older technologies.

This means that with LightSense™ you get laser tattoo removal in months, not years.

Clearly strong doesn’t mean fast. Ensuring that the skin remains undamaged by the low-energy laser and that it can bounce back quickly following treatments means that they can happen more frequently, ultimately leading to a safer and quicker removal.

If you want proof of the laser’s speed, just take a look at the results of satisfied clients who have documented their experiences with it.

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