World-leading technology

Learn how the state-of-the-art LightSense™ laser system is 
the first of its kind, pioneering skin-safe tattoo removal.

The LightSense™ difference

Here's why the LightSense™ laser system is industry-leading

Compared to the
average Pico laser
the LightSense™ Laser has:
Compared to the
average nano Q-Switch laser
the LightSense™ Laser has:
Energy 34x Less Energy 190x Less Energy
Repitition rate 100x faster repetition rate 157x faster repetition rate
Spot size 11x more precise spot size 11x more precise spot size
Pulse width 89x shorter pulse width 3000x shorter pulse width

Why choose LightSense™?

Experience LightSense™ exclusively at NAAMA.

NAAMA is the only studio using the LightSense™ laser system to deliver personalised treatments to thousands of clients around the world who crave a better, faster and safer tattoo removal choice.
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